The founder began his journey as a roll forming equipment manufacturer in 1980s. In late 1980s, the company expanded its business to China, which was an important milestone of joining the international market for our company. We produce machinery of high quality, innovative technology, and customized service with a reasonable price that has made us stand out from others in the industrial market of roll forming systems. Our quality and technology are outstanding because we prioritize customer satisfaction as a motivation to keep moving forward and improving ourselves.


As a leading expert in drawer slide roll forming system manufactured around the globe, we decided to expand our development in gantry robot and centrifugal separator with our years of experience in developing automated production line. The purpose of creating automatic manufacturing processes is to increase productivity and energy efficiency. We consider the concept of “less energy consumption, higher production capacity” as the core value in every of our design in order to achieve cost reduction and energy saving. It is not only to benefit buyers but also to create a sustainable environment for future generations.


Chin Minn aimed to sell our products worldwide when the company was first established. The company’s logo was originally inspired by the four-leaf clover, which appeared to be a track wrapping around the earth with one missing piece. ChinMinn has since redefined the meaning of each leaf as “technology development,” “product innovation,” and “branding.” The fourth leaf is not simply defined by luck, but rather Chin Minn’s persistence and innovation that have eventually led us to our success today.


Our products have delivered their services to all over the world. Every machine is considered a precious child of ours, and we hope to showcase the best of it to meet our customers’ expectations, as every single machine carries our worldwide reputation. We will continue challenging ourselves by setting higher goals and making even more efforts to meet the demanding global market. We thrive on excellence because we are committed to going above and beyond your expectation for the quality of our products.


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