Quick Change Cassette

Quick Change Cassette Drawer Slide Roll Forming Machine

cassette type drawer slides roll forming machine

Product Name : Cassette Type Drawer Slide Roll Forming Machine

Manufacturing Process:

Uncoiling → Guiding → Roll Forming → Straightening → Hole Punch and Cut-off to length

drawer slides roll forming production flow

Roll forming machine Cassette type Layout:

cassette drawer channel roll forming machine

This cassette type drawer slide roll forming machine is designed for small quantity production. This quick change cassette type roll forming equipment takes advantage of using the same base and its multi-usage. For instance, roller, hole punch stands, and cut-off unit can change from size to size according to drawer channel profile. This roll forming system is versatile, easy-to-change, and accurate on roll forming tolerance. Chin Minn is the expertise manufacturer in drawer slides roll forming, which we manufacture machinery according to customers' slides profile, design, and requirements.

Chin Minn is committed to three main kinds of drawer slide roll forming machine: Standard, Heavy duty, and multiple hole punch type to roll form various types of drawer slides such as 3-fold drawer channel, 2-piece telescopic channel runners, undermount drawer slides, hidden slides, and concealed slide rail etc. The production line of roll forming equipment is customized according to specific requirements. Our experienced engineers contribute passion in developing unsurpassed drawer slide roll form machines to satisfied customers from all over the world.


This cassette type slides making machine is especially offered for small quantity production of new product development, which rollers, alignment, punching, and cut-off die can change from model to model or size to size. It is versatile by using the same machine base and changing rollers to produce different products. This quick change cassette type roll forming machine takes advantage of its multi-usage. Chin Minn can manufacture drawer slide roll forming machine according to your drawer channel slides requirements.



  Major Components Quantity
1 Machine Base 1 set
2 Roll Forming Stand 10 ~ 25 stands
3 Roll Forming Speed 3 ~ 10 meters
4 Punch stands 3 ~ 8 sets
5 Punch and Cut-off Die 1 set
6 Hydraulic Power Pack 1 set
7 Coolant system 1 set
8 Single Head Decoiler 1 set
9 Length Cut-off Device 1 set
10 Rail leaving device 1 set

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