Turret Heads with 6 indexing positions

TC6K Turret Heads with 6 Indexing positions

Turret Heads with 6 Indexing positions Model: TC6K

Product Illustration of Turret Heads with 6 indexing positions:

turret heads are used for CNC lathes


Illustration of 3D Turret Heads (6 positions)

tc6k turret heads 3D illustration

This ChinMinn Turret Heads Model TC6K is standard turret-head models with 6 spindles heads that can be applied on various metal machining. 6 tools can be programmed for various speed change and tool change for different metal machining. More than one head can be mounted on one machine. Its multiple turret heads mount in horizontal direction. Tool changing is located precisely by using BT40 tool holder, which enables machines to achieve AUTOMATIC, FAST, and EFFICIENT performance. This head is the best unit you can have for compact and flexible automation.


  1. Gear coupling and special cam controller allow indexing and tool changing to be done instantly, which perform rigid machining with a high degree of precision.
  2. Compact size for saving space.
  3. Index Time (tool change)approx. 1.7 sec
  4. Accuracy +/-5sec。
  5. Spindle Speed:MAX6000RPM
  6. Mounting Position:Horizontal
  7. Spindle Motor:3.7/5.5kw
  8. Weight:TC6K is about 230Kg

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